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About 1% of pregnant women will experience placental abruption.

Prior to the birth of a child, the placenta may separate from the uterus. The placental separation can be total or partial. This may result in a deprivation of oxygen to the infant placing the infant at risk for conditions and injuries which can last a lifetime. Placental abruption can even cause the death of the infant.

If diagnosed and treated properly, sometimes the consequences of placental abruption can be avoided.  

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Signs of Placental Abruption

Spotting the signs of placental abruption may be tough, especially because they occur in the later stages of pregnancy. The most common signs of placental abruption, include vaginal bleeding (80% of cases), uterine tenderness, and abdominal pain. Of course, some of these symptoms can be confused with the symptoms of an otherwise normal pregnancy.

In most cases, a medical professional should able to spot the signs of placental abruption. If you suspect that the cause of your placental abruption is a result of medical negligence or malpractice by a licensed healthcare professional, then it’s time to call a team of attorneys who specialize in placental abruption cases.

If your child suffers long-term damage or death as a result of a placental abruption then you maybe entitled to compensation and justice.

Cerebral Palsy Due To Placental Abruption.

A placental abruption will cause an infant to lose oxygen. A lack of oxygen may cause a brain injury which leads to Cerebral Palsy. In addition, a stressful or traumatic delivery, labor which has gone far too long, the failure to perform a timely or emergency C-section can cause a brain injury or a brain injury resulting in Cerebral Palsy.

Every birth injury deserves to be investigated.

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