Medical negligence is a serious offense that can have negative consequences for individuals and families over many years.

In legal language, medical negligence occurs when a doctor or medical professional commits an act or fails to do something, that diverges from generally accepted standards of medical care. For a medical malpractice claim to be made, however, that negligence must have led directly to the patient becoming injured. It is not enough for a patient simply to dislike a doctor’s treatment, or for a treatment to fail. The doctor must have made a mistake that a more competent doctor would not have made.

The medical negligence lawyers at Latona Law view negligence of any kind as totally unacceptable. The injuries that result from medical negligence can be devastating and permanent and can forever change the course of an innocent person’s life. If you or someone you love has been the victim of medical negligence in Luzerne or Lackawanna counties, Latona Law wants to talk to you about getting the restitution you deserve.


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Types of Medical Negligence

Medical negligence–and, as a result, medical malpractice–can take a variety of forms. Negligence can occur in a family doctor’s office or a surgeon’s operating room. Here is a list of some common types of medical negligence.

  • Medication mistakes. Doctors must essentially be experts in the medical advice they give and the medications they prescribe for people. Prescribing the wrong medication to someone can have adverse side effects that cause further injury or even death. Given that doctors must know better, prescribing the wrong medication could be considered medical negligence and become grounds for a medical malpractice claim.
  • Birth injuries. Doctors and nurses who assist in delivering children have a special responsibility not to make mistakes in their medical care. This is because a mistake made in delivery could harm both the mother and the child and because the child could end up sustaining an injury that lasts for the rest of its life. Cerebral palsy, bone fractures, and nerve damage are just some of the birth injuries that can result in a baby due to medical negligence.
  • Surgery missteps. Surgery is a highly specialized form of medicine and therefore ripe for people making mistakes. You may have heard of surgeons performing the wrong surgery, or the correct surgery on the wrong patient, or leaving a medical instrument inside the patient’s body after completing the surgery. Any of these forms of negligence can lead to the patient becoming seriously harmed and could possibly be shown in court to be medical malpractice.

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So, what should you do if you believe you or a loved one has been the victim of medical negligence? The first thing you should do is understand that if your doctor in fact made a medical mistake and hurt you as a result, you deserve compensation for your suffering. But how do you get it?

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