Medical negligence is the failure of a doctor, nurse, or other medical professionals to act in a way that is consistent with a reasonable level of care. Reasonable care is composed of the actions that all competent medical providers are expected to take. When a doctor deviates from that standard, it is called medical negligence. It means the doctor should have known better. When this negligence leads to a patient getting injured, it is known as medical malpractice.

Patients who become injured due to the negligence of their doctor are well within their rights to seek justice for themselves by speaking to a lawyer. At Latona Law, we believe all suspicions of medical negligence should be investigated. If you have been injured and need a medical negligence lawyer in Bloomsburg, PA, Latona Law looks forward to the opportunity to fight for you so you get the financial compensation you deserve.

Building Your Medical Negligence Claim

To ensure you get justice in your medical negligence case, we first have to ensure several conditions were present at the time of your injury. It might seem daunting at first to gather all of this information, but it will only help you later when you need to prove a negligence case in court.

You had a patient relationship with your doctor

You can bring a lawsuit against a doctor only if you were a patient at the time of your injury. You cannot sue a doctor you heard on television if his advice ended up injuring you. The doctor must have been actively and knowingly treating you.

The doctor must have deviated from proper care

It is important to distinguish between medical negligence and a treatment simply not working for you. Treatments sometimes fail. This is a fact. Medical negligence is different, however, in that it involves the doctor making a mistake that a more competent doctor would not have made. Examples include a doctor missing a diagnosis that could have led to life-saving treatment and a surgeon operating on the wrong body part.

The negligence caused the injury

This is vital to a medical negligence case. It is not enough for a patient to become injured sometime after being treated by a doctor, because the cause could have been anything. The doctor’s negligence must have directly injured the patient, and this is what has to be proven in court.

Trusted Medical Negligence Lawyers in Bloomsburg

If you believe a doctor’s medical negligence has directly injured you or a loved one, we want to hear your story. Latona Law has been fighting medical negligence and preventable injuries for more than 30 years. We enjoy helping Pensylvania families just like yours to seek restitution for injuries caused by doctors.
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