Is a Birth Injury Lawyer Expensive?

After months of excitement and preparation, parents are ready to bring home a healthy baby. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the reality with some families.

Out of 1,000 babies born in America, six to eight of them will suffer a birth injury. In some cases, birth injuries could have been caused by healthcare providers who assisted with the delivery. Birth injuries caused by medical professionals that could have been avoided can be even more difficult for parents to grapple with.

Birth injuries can cause years or even a lifetime of damage for the baby. Aside from the physical pain of the baby, parents are also left to bear the emotional and financial weight of a birth injury. If your child has suffered a birth injury, you may be considering hiring a birth injury lawyer.

After experiencing a birth injury, dealing with the legal aspects can only cause more stress for families. This in addition to the medical bills you have already had to pay for your child’s injury, on top of all the other accommodation you’ve had to make.

Fortunately, a birth injury lawyer can help you accumulate the money required to cover the costs of your child’s medical bills, hold the medical professionals involved accountable, and get justice for your child’s injury. For many struggling parents it’s the best and only option for getting the financial restitution they deserve and helping their family to get back on track

While getting a good lawyer is important, many are worried about the costs that come with hiring a birth injury lawyer.

Fortunately, law firms like Latona Law only charge you if you win. Here, we’ll explain what costs you should expect from hiring a birth injury lawyer so that you can be better prepared in your search.

What Fees Will My Birth Injury Lawyer Charge?

Every birth injury lawyer and law firm is different. With that said, some fees you should expect your birth injury lawyer to charge, include:

  • Research related costs
  • Filing fees
  • Witness fees
  • Process servers
  • Travel expenses

Many of these fees may be avoided if the defendant settles before a court trial. Unfortunately, families must be should be prepared for the event that a claim may actually end up at trial.

Costs for Lawyers Vary

The last thing many parents in this situation want to deal with is expensive legal fees. Costs for a good birth injury lawyer can range depending on the legal process. While every parent wants the best option to help their child, this might not always seem possible.

Many parents can’t afford any additional costs during this time. Luckily, it doesn’t always have to be impossible to have a well-qualified lawyer cover your child’s case without shelling out all of your money.

For some lawyers, you might have to pay before your case even goes to trial. These costs can add up quickly. Fortunately, many firms like Latona Law understand the hardships families are going through and work on contingency fees. By working on contingency fees, your lawyer only gets paid when you do. Birth injury lawyers who work on contingency fees will collect a certain amount of the money that you win in the case, rather than you paying them hourly.

Hiring a worker that works on contingency fees might be easier on your family than having to pay out of pocket. Costs of hourly lawyers can also vary depending on how long you need them. Many birth injury lawsuits settle before they even go to trial. If you do end up going to trial, they can sometimes last for one to three years.

How Much Is a Consultation?

When looking for a birth injury lawyer, it’s also important to look for one who offers free consultations. You’re already under a lot of financial stress caused by the mistakes of others, so you don’t want to have to spend any money that you don’t have to. During your constellation, the lawyer will be able to assess whether or not they’ll be able to take on your case. Lawyers who have a contingency fee are more likely to take on clients with cases they feel confident will win, so if you’re able to work with one, you might have some added ease to your situation.

What Can My Settlement Cover?

The good news is if you win your settlement then you won’t have to really worry about your legal fees. Aside from the percentage your lawyer receives, your financial compensation can cover:

  • Medical bills from treating the birth injury
  • Lost wages due to caring for your child
  • Therapy
  • Physical pain
  • Emotional pain and stress
  • Special education and in-home care

Dealing with the birth injury of your child is a stressful and emotionally trying time for parents. Picking the right lawyer for your lawsuit can help alleviate some of the burden caused by a birth injury. Everything you do for your child you put thought and research into to provide the best for them, which should also carry over to legal care. Legal fees are something no one wants to deal with in any situation, but related to a sick or injured child can be even worse. Finding a good birth injury lawyer doesn’t always have to be as expensive as you might think.