Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in America, so many people are very concerned with their heart health. As heart attacks and heart disease are so common, many people would assume that treatment for a heart attack is efficient and medical professionals are on the lookout for symptoms of a heart attack. Although heart attacks seem like something anyone in the medical field would take immediate action to treat, they frequently miss them. Getting proper treatment for a heart attack can allow you to go back to living a normal life, but failure to diagnose one has a far different outcome. If the right treatment isn’t given quickly, the health of a person’s heart can deteriorate and have devastating effects.

When patients seek help for their heart attack, they should always get the standard level of care that can help them recover. At Latona Law, we help victims of heart attack medical neglect in Allentown get compensation.

Misdiagnosing or Failing to Diagnose a Heart Attack

During a heart attack, many people show signs that they’re either having a heart attack or are about it. In some cases, a person might not realize their symptoms are a sign of a heart attack, only that they need medical help. The severity of these symptoms can also vary.

There are many signs that a person could be having a heart attack, but these are some of the most common:

  • Tightness, pinching, aching, or pressure in the chest that may spread to the arms, back, neck, or jaw.
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Shortness of breath
  • Fatigue
  • Cold sweats
  • Lightheadedness

Once a person suspects that they could be having a heart attack, they need to get medical help immediately. Unfortunately, some aren’t always taken seriously and aren’t given the right care. In some cases, medical professionals fail to diagnose a heart attack due to medical negligence. This occurs when a patient receives care below the standard level of care, or what any other medical professional would have done in the same situation. A medical professional might fail to diagnose a heart attack if they don’t give their patients the right testing. Certain groups are at a lower risk of having a heart attack, such as young people, or might have atypical symptoms, like women, and might not be given the proper level of attention and concern.

Whenever you go to your doctor for a diagnosis or treatment, you expect them to take care of you. During events as serious as a heart attack, you have no choice but to rely on them. No symptoms or people should ever be overlooked when they seek help from medical professionals.

Heart Attack Lawsuit Compensation

Any patient seeking help from a medical professional should always be treated with the best care possible. During a heart attack, medical professionals need to act quickly. Proper care in a timely matter can save a person’s life. There is never any excuse for medical neglect to occur. When a heart attack goes ignored by medical professionals, it can be heartbreaking for victims and their loved ones. If you or a loved one have experienced medical negligence during a heart attack, you deserve to be compensated for the damages that have been done to you.

When a person doesn’t receive care for their heart attack, the major concern is death. Even when a person survives a heart attack with no treatment, they’ll likely have to live with severe health problems. Some of the common conditions that can occur after a heart attack include:

  • Hypoxemia
  • Brain damage
  • Pulmonary deep vein thrombosis
  • Ventricular aneurysms

The costs of caring for someone who has suffered from a heart attack can be substantial. Heart attacks that aren’t treated result in severe health problems that could affect a person for their entire life. In addition to these costly medical bills, many people aren’t able to return to work for weeks or months after a heart attack, which could cause them to lose their income. Some people might never be able to return to work, or might be forced to accept lower-paying jobs. Of course, these health problems can also cause them to live with a lower quality of life than they would have had. For any damages that you face after a heart attack, you deserve financial compensation to help you recover and provide for yourself and your family.

Heart Attack Attorney in Allentown

When medical help is available for a heart attack, no one should be denied it. At Latona Law, we believe that any medical professional who acts negligently during a heart attack should be held responsible. Because of this, we specialize in cases that involve medical malpractice, including ones that involve heart attacks. With our knowledge, experience, and resources, we can help you get the justice and compensation you deserve.

If you or a loved one suspect that you didn’t receive the proper care for a heart attack, it’s important to get legal help quickly. Contact us for a free consultation to learn more.