As parents, you naturally want the best for your child and would do whatever you can to keep them protected. However, there are some times when what happens is out of your control. During a child’s birth, parents have to rely on medical professionals to safely deliver their baby. Unfortunately, some medical professionals may act negligently and can cause harm to a baby. Birth injuries are a heartbreaking reality for more families than many might realize. One of the most debilitating birth injuries is cerebral palsy. This disorder can occur in as many as four in 1,000 live births and is the most common developmental disorder in children. There is no cure for cerebral palsy and it will continue to affect a child for their entire life.

No family should have to experience birth injuries like cerebral palsy when it could have been prevented with proper care. At Latona Law, our lawyers help families in the Olyphant area get justice for their child’s cerebral palsy. We can help you hold the guilty parties accountable and help you win compensation.

How is Cerebral Palsy Caused?

There can be a number of different factors that can cause a child to get cerebral palsy. The disorder is largely caused when a child suffers from an injury that damages the brain or is deprived of oxygen which can result in brain damage. In some cases, there might not be any way for a medical professional to prevent a child from getting it. A baby could suffer from a birth injury before, during, or after their birth that couldn’t be avoided. Genetics or a malformation in the brain can also cause it. The cause of cerebral palsy is not always known, so many parents might never find out what caused their child to develop it.

While there are times when there is nothing that can be done to prevent cerebral palsy, it’s sometimes caused by the negligence of a medical professional. In cases like this, a baby might not have suffered from a birth injury if the medical professionals involved had provided the mother or baby with the proper level of care. Mothers might develop an infection during pregnancy that if left untreated by medical professionals, could potentially lead to cerebral palsy. It can also be caused by medical professionals not acting quickly enough during labor and delivery, such as not doing a C-section on time or failing to fix an umbilical cord wrapped around a baby’s neck. Improper use of medical tools also plays a role in many birth injuries. This can include damage caused by forceps or vacuums. Failure to monitor babies after birth might also put them at risk.

Types of Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is not the same in every child. There are multiple different forms of the disorder and the level of severity can also vary between children. Most parents won’t begin to notice that their child has any symptoms until they start getting older and begin to show developmental issues. Most children who have cerebral palsy will be diagnosed with it by their second birthday. Parents in Pennsylvania have until their child’s 20th birthday to take legal action for cerebral palsy. As soon as you realize your child’s cerebral palsy could be the result of a birth injury, you should get in contact with one of the lawyers at Latona Law.

There are four main types of cerebral palsy that a person can have, which include the following:

Athetoid cerebral palsy – having athetoid cerebral palsy can cause involuntary movements in the face, torso, and limbs.

Ataxic cerebral palsy – this can affect a person’s balance and coordination.

Spastic cerebral palsy – this form affects the majority of people with cerebral palsy. Spastic cerebral palsy causes stiffness and involuntary movements.

Children can also suffer from the fourth type of cerebral palsy, which can be a combination of two or more types.

Compensation for Preventable Cerebral Palsy.

No amount of money can cure cerebral palsy. Still, your family deserves to receive financial compensation for the damages you’ve faced. The costs of caring for someone with cerebral palsy can amount to over $1 million over the span of a person’s life. You need financial compensation to be able to provide your child with the care they’ll require. Since this was caused due to someone else’s negligence, you shouldn’t be expected to have to pay for this yourself. Financial compensation covers any non-economic damages your family has suffered as well, such as pain and suffering. If your child has cerebral palsy from a birth injury, this compensation can help make it easier for your family in the future.

Cerebral Palsy Lawyers in Olyphant

It can be difficult to determine whether or not a birth injury was caused by medical negligence. This is why you need to work with lawyers who specialize in cases like this. At Latona Law, our lawyers only work with cases that involve medical negligence and birth injuries, including cerebral palsy. We’ve analyzed thousands of birth injury cases, so we understand what it takes to win them.

If you have any questions about the legal process, we offer a free consultation for families in Olyphant. Contact us today to learn more.