Cerebral palsy is the most common developmental disorder in American children, with about 10,000 cases being identified in babies every year. Cerebral palsy is typically caused by brain injuries that occur before or during birth. Those injuries can result from poor blood flow to the brain, infections in the baby, or a number of other birth complications.

Sometimes, it is impossible for doctors to prevent a child from developing cerebral palsy; babies born as part of a set of twins or triplets, for instance, have a higher risk of contracting the condition due to their likelihood of having a low birth weight.

Other times, however, a child develops cerebral palsy due to the negligence of a doctor. This negligence can take a variety of forms, from the doctor being unaware of a certain medical condition in the pregnant mother to failing to recognize that an unborn baby is in distress and in need of immediate treatment. Either situation could lead to the child being deprived of oxygen long enough for cerebral palsy to develop.

These are the types of scenarios that Latona Law has been addressing for more than 30 years. Your own doctor causing cerebral palsy in your new baby is an alarming, depressing, and enraging idea. It’s also unfair, and that’s where we come in.

Let us explain how such a mistake on the part of your doctor can affect the rest of your lives as parents, and what Latona Law can do to help.

Economic Impact of Cerebral Palsy Treatment

Perhaps the most devastating element of cerebral palsy is that it has no cure. Treatment has been shown to help people better control their muscles and motor skills, but they still must live with the condition permanently.

Among the costs incurred by parents of children with cerebral palsy are: continuous medical care, developmental help, special education, physical therapy, and the diagnosis and treatment of other co-occurring conditions such as hearing or vision loss and recurring seizures.

Those are just the medical costs that will be placed on the parents of the child. When children with cerebral palsy grow up and try to enter the workforce, they may find that opportunity is limited by their physical conditions. Given enough similar situations across the United States, the economic impact of children being born with cerebral palsy, especially when caused by a doctor’s negligence, can number in the millions of dollars. That is a staggering figure, and, to us at Latona Law, the idea of doctors contributing to it through malpractice is reprehensible.

These are the types of issues we handle. Yes, the costs of caring for a child with cerebral palsy can be overwhelming, but when you put your faith in us to fight for your family’s justice, you put yourself in a position to win money that can alleviate those costs.

Local Cerebral Palsy Attorneys in Pennsylvania.

When you need a cerebral palsy lawyer in Jessup, you know Latona Law will be there for you. We believe every baby deserves an equal chance at getting through life. Those chances become complicated when doctors fail in their duty to keep mothers and babies safe before, during, and directly after pregnancy.

If you believe a doctor’s negligence caused your baby to develop cerebral palsy, call us today. One phone call to Latona Law can be the deciding factor in whether your child gets the care he or she needs to get ahead in life. We will go after those responsible for your child’s injury, and we will not stop until we win.