Birth injuries are tricky. In many instances, they are unavoidable due to the variety of complications that can arise before, during, or after birth. These situations are sad enough. This is why new parents become outraged when they discover their newborn child has suffered a birth injury such as a brain defect that causes cerebral palsy–that could have been prevented. This outrages us, too. We’re cerebral palsy lawyers near Hazleton, PA, and we’ve been fighting for justice for injured children and their families for decades.

Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals are supposed to provide their patients with a reasonable level of care. This doesn’t mean that all treatments must succeed every time. It means that these individuals simply cannot make mistakes in treatment that lead to the patient getting hurt. When doctors, nurses, and others make these mistakes and injure their patients, we call it negligence. A negligent act is one that a more competent doctor would not have committed.

What Causes Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral palsy is a brain disorder that interferes with a person’s capacity to move and control other motor skills. It’s typically caused by an injury to the brain sometime before, during, or after a child’s birth. People with cerebral palsy usually have trouble using their muscles, walking, and maintaining a good posture. Although some people’s symptoms may be worse than those of others and can be helped by ongoing physical therapy, cerebral palsy is a lifelong condition with no known cure.

However, unavoidable cerebral palsy is separate from cerebral palsy caused by a doctor’s negligence. Sometimes, pregnancy complications necessitate a child being born with an injury of some kind. In other cases, unfortunately, a doctor delays delivering a baby that is clearly stressed in the womb. This delay may cause the baby to become deprived of oxygen for several minutes. Without oxygen for this amount of time, the brain can become damaged, and cerebral palsy may be the result. In a scenario such as this, when a doctor failed to make a quick decision that another doctor would have made, you may have a medical negligence case.

Latona Law Fights Preventable Cerebral Palsy

If your child has cerebral palsy, and you feel it is due to a birth injury caused by the doctor’s negligence, you may be owed financial compensation. In this case, contact Latona Law for a free consultation. We’ve been fighting preventable cerebral palsy cases for more than 30 years, and we want to help you and your family secure the restitution you deserve. Medical malpractice and negligence cases are viable from birth up to 20 years but contact us now for your free consultation. If you have a case, you won’t pay us any fees until we win. Let the medical malpractice lawyers at Latona Law fight for your justice.