Between 8,000 and 10,000 babies each year in the United States are born with cerebral palsy. In a nation of more than 300 million people, those numbers might sound comparatively small, but that’s 8,000 to 10,000 babies who will grow up to need physical therapy, medications, and possibly surgery, and who will never be able to recover fully from their brain disorder.

These types of situations are sad enough whenever they occur. But imagine your newborn sustained a brain injury during birth that led to cerebral palsy, and it wasn’t an accident. Imagine learning the horrible truth that the doctor who delivered your baby actually made an error in judgment that directly caused your child to get cerebral palsy.

How would you feel? In our 30 years of experience fighting medical negligence and preventable birth injuries, we have found that most parents feel more or less the same: sad, angry, confused, and afraid, all at the same time. These are not good feelings.

If you believe your newborn contracted cerebral palsy due to the negligence of your doctor, the Bloomsburg cerebral palsy lawyers at Latona Law want to help.

What Cerebral Palsy Involves

Cerebral palsy is a brain disorder that affects a person’s motor functioning. A number of conditions can cause cerebral palsy. These include a certain type of infection in the mother, a malformation of the brain during gestation, and the baby being deprived of oxygen for too long while being delivered.

Whatever the cause, a person with cerebral palsy will have trouble controlling muscles, walking, maintaining a good posture, and coordinating movements. People with cerebral palsy might walk with their feet pointed inward or drag one leg. Additionally, because cerebral palsy involves spastic movements, a person with the condition may have trouble performing normal tasks such as sitting, getting up, tying shoes, holding objects, and talking.

Although treatments such as physical therapy and medication can help people with cerebral palsy to gain more control over their muscles, the condition is lifelong and cannot be cured.

Cerebral Palsy Attorneys in Bloomsburg, PA

At Latona Law, we have more than 30 years of experience fighting preventable cerebral palsy birth injuries and other forms of medical malpractice. If your child was born with cerebral palsy, and at some point during birth, the child was injured or suffered a lack of oxygen, we believe you should bring your case to us. It deserves at least an investigation into what exactly happened.

These types of birth injuries are often preventable. If we find that your baby’s birth injury was indeed caused by a doctor’s medical negligence, we will fight to get you the financial compensation you deserve. The birth of a baby should be a joyous event, not a sad and scary one, and your family would be owed restitution for pain and suffering.

If your child and family have become victims of medical negligence, Latona Law will pursue justice in your case until we win. Contact us today if you need an expert cerebral palsy lawyer in Bloomsburg, PA. Your consultation is free, and you pay us no fees until we get justice. We have always been committed to helping Pennsylvania families just like yours. Give us a call to see how we can help you.