There’s nothing expectant parents hope for more than their child being healthy. As parents, you do everything in your power to make sure that your baby is happy and healthy when the time comes. Unfortunately, some parents have a very different experience during or around the time of their child’s birth. Learning that your child has suffered from a birth injury is heartbreaking for all parents. What can make this situation even harder to deal with is realizing that your child’s birth injury could have been prevented. It’s a natural reaction for parents to think their child’s birth injury was somehow their fault, but this isn’t always the case. Medical professionals can act negligently during pregnancy, delivery, or soon after that could compromise a baby’s well-being.

A birth injury can affect a child’s health for their entire life. Although this is difficult for a family to have to go through, you aren’t alone. The lawyers at Latona Law are trained to handle cases that involve birth injuries and are here to provide legal help. If your child suffered from a birth injury due to the actions of a medical professional in Olyphant, you could be entitled to financial compensation.

How Can You Tell if a Birth Injury Occurred?

It can be distressing to see a baby suffer from any type of injury, no matter how minor it is. While no parent wants their child to get injured, it’s often unavoidable during a baby’s birth. Even the most normal deliveries that have no complications can result in a child receiving some minor injuries, as passing through the birth canal can be traumatic. This can result in some babies getting minor scrapes and bruises from their delivery. Of course, many complicated pregnancies and births can also lead to birth injuries. A child might suffer from major injuries in cases like these, but they often aren’t preventable.

Birth injuries that will require you to speak to an attorney are ones that were caused due to a medical professional’s negligence. Birth injuries can occur when mothers and babies aren’t treated with the proper level of care that medical professionals are required to give. This can occur during pregnancy, at the time of the child’s birth, or soon after. Some parents might not even realize their child suffered from a birth injury until they get older and show developmental delays. Parents in Pennsylvania have until their child’s 20th birthday to file a lawsuit for a birth injury. As soon as you suspect your child has a birth injury that could have been prevented you should get in contact with a lawyer.

What can a birth injury lawsuit do?

Filing a birth injury lawsuit for your child won’t be able to take away the pain that your family has felt. It can, however, make it easier for you to provide the care that your child needs. Raising a child with a birth injury can be extremely expensive, and these are costs that you shouldn’t have to pay for yourself. A birth injury lawyer can help you win financial compensation so that you can afford the costs of your child’s treatment and additional care they might need. A birth injury lawsuit can also help you get compensation for non-economic damages your family has faced, such as pain or suffering. Many birth injuries will affect a child for the rest of their life and can keep them from ever being independent. This can cause a significant amount of financial and emotional strain for many members of the family. Not only will your lawsuit provide you with the compensation you deserve, but it also gives you the opportunity to hold the guilty parties responsible for their actions.

Some of the damages you can receive financial compensation for include:

  • Emotional pain and suffering
  • Decreased quality of life
  • Lost wages
  • Medical expenses
  • Physical pain
  • Special education, therapy, and living assistance

Hiring a Birth Injury Lawyer

No family should ever have to be put through the pain of a birth injury when it could have been prevented. A lawsuit can help you get justice for what you’ve been through. Cases involving birth injuries can be incredibly complicated, which is why you need to work with lawyers who are trained to handle cases like this. At Latona Law, we only work on cases that involve birth injuries and medical malpractice. We’re prepared to help you win your case.

Dealing with your child’s birth injury can be overwhelming and many people don’t know where to start. Families in Olyphant can contact us for a free consultation to learn more about the legal process for birth injuries.