Parenthood is never easy. Every parent understands that at some point, they’ll experience difficulties and heartbreaks as their child grows older. Something no parent is ever prepared for is their newborn suffering from a birth injury. Learning that your child has a serious birth injury turns what should be a happy time into a nightmare. Birth injuries that could have been prevented with better judgment are something that no family should ever have to go through. Preventable birth injuries are devastating events that unfortunately occur far too often. Many birth injuries will affect a child long past infancy and have no cure.

If your child has suffered a birth injury caused by medical neglect, you can file a lawsuit to get justice for your child. In NEPA, Latona Law fights for families who have had to experience an event as terrible as a birth injury.

How Can You Tell if a Birth Injury Occurred?

Even in births where there are no complications, it’s common for babies to have some injuries. Babies will often sustain small injuries like scrapes and bruises that can happen naturally from passing through the birth canal. In more complicated pregnancies and deliveries, a baby can receive a serious injury, but they are not always preventable by medical professionals. Birth injuries that warrant legal action are preventable ones. For these birth injuries, medical professionals acted negligently and caused harm to the child. The difficulty of proving whether or not a birth injury occurred is why it’s necessary to work with a lawyer who specializes in birth injury cases. Medical records, witnesses, and expert testimonials are all crucial information your attorney can obtain when proving that your child has a birth injury caused by medical neglect.

A birth injury doesn’t always happen right at the time of birth, it may occur during pregnancy or shortly after the baby is born. Birth injuries are devastating, but they can sometimes be difficult to detect. Many babies might not show any signs that they’ve suffered a birth injury right away. In fact, some parents might not see any problem until their child is a few years old. Some of the most common injuries a newborn can get cause developmental issues and delays, which won’t present themselves until later in life. Because of this, many parents might not remember anything going wrong during their baby’s delivery. In Pennsylvania, you can file a lawsuit up until your child’s 20th birthday. As with any medical malpractice case, it’s best that you act quickly when taking legal action.

What Can a Birth Injury Lawsuit Do?

Nothing will be able to undo the injuries that neglect has caused your child. For certain birth injuries, no amount of treatment will provide your child with a cure. Still, you deserve compensation for your child’s birth injury. The cost to care for a child with a birth injury far surpasses what the majority of people are able to afford. Not only will your child require medical treatment for their injury, but they’ll also likely require additional care, such as special education. For many people who have birth injuries, they will never be able to live independently in adulthood. Because of this, they’ll require lifelong care that can be a huge expense. Compensation won through a lawsuit will ensure that your child will be able to afford the care they need. You may also be entitled to compensation for non-economic damages that have been done to you, such as emotional pain.

Some of the damages you can be compensated for include:

  • Emotional pain and suffering
  • Decreased quality of life
  • Lost wages
  • Medical expenses
  • Physical pain
  • Special education, therapy, and living assistance

Hiring a Birth Injury Lawyer.

The harm done to your child is inexcusable and the guilty parties should be held accountable for their actions. Hiring the right birth injury lawyer is crucial in winning your case. Latona Law has been assisting families in NEPA for over thirty years. We work on only cases that involve medical neglect and birth injuries. Our lawyers have analyzed thousands of birth injuries and have the experience that you need to be compensated for your damages. Don’t wait any longer to get legal help for your child’s birth injury and allow us to start fighting for you today.

Discovering a birth injury can cause you to have many questions and concerns. Contact us for a free consultation to learn more about how Latona Law can help you and your child.