People who are asked to name the happiest and most important moments of their lives often name having a child as one of them. Having a new son or daughter is a beautiful moment in anyone’s life.

But imagine the joyous birth of your child being suddenly interrupted by the announcement that he or she has suffered an injury, one that could resonate for the rest of the child’s life. It could be broken bones, an infection, or brain trauma – whatever the case may be, you simply cannot fathom it happening to your own baby.

Now picture discovering that such an injury was caused by none other than the doctor who delivered your baby. How would you feel? Unfortunately, this type of situation happens all too often in modern medicine, and the parents and family are left to deal with it.

At Latona Law, we don’t see that as good enough. No doctor should be allowed to act negligently when caring for your child and get away with it. If your newborn suffered a birth injury, and you suspect your doctor is responsible, let us investigate for you. If we discover that this truly happened, we will relentlessly pursue justice so you and your family can get the financial compensation you need to see you through this difficult time.

Are you still unclear on what constitutes a birth injury and how it will affect your child’s future? Let us explain some of the most common birth injuries we see in newborns who were treated by negligent doctors.

Most Common Types of Birth Injuries

Over the years, we as a society have become familiar with the most common types of birth injuries that occur before or during delivery. Here are some of those injuries. You would do well to become somewhat knowledgeable in them so you can be prepared should you need to pursue legal action against a doctor who injured your child.

Erb’s Palsy

In straightforward terms, Erb’s palsy is damage done to the nerves of a baby’s upper arm. This damage essentially paralyzes part of the shoulder and limits the mobility of the arm. Erb’s palsy is typically caused by a difficult delivery. Doctors would be considered negligent if their actions led to the injury, such as if they forcefully wiggled the baby’s arms during the birth. Physical therapy soon after birth can help to increase arm mobility, but some partial shoulder or arm paralysis may persist throughout life.

Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is another common birth injury that can result from a doctor’s negligence. It is typically caused by brain damage sustained during birth. This damage usually takes the form of oxygen deprivation, which, if it lasts long enough, permanently affects a baby’s ability to control certain muscles or fine motor skills. Cerebral palsy has no cure and often requires long-term physical therapy.

Broken Bones

The bones of infants are fragile and must be handled with care during delivery. Doctors who are negligent in handling newborns during delivery risk breaking one of the baby’s bones. This usually ends up being the clavicle, or collar bone. This is a common injury during difficult deliveries. Ways to tell a baby has suffered a broken bone include the presence of a lump at the site and the baby crying nonstop while being unable to move the affected area.

Experienced Birth Injury Attorneys

These are some of the most commonplace birth injuries we have seen in more than three decades of practice. Of course, there are many others, and it is good to research these so you are not caught off-guard if you notice something wrong with your newborn. Doctors are responsible for upholding a reasonable standard of care at all times, but sometimes they simply do not.

Neither you nor your new baby deserves to become a victim of a careless doctor’s negligence. But if this does happen to you, and you need a birth injury lawyer in Jessup, PA, you know Latona Law will be there for you. Call us today to set up a free consultation on your situation. We understand this is a stressful time for you, but know that we will handle your case with the utmost diligence.

Get the restitution that is rightfully yours. Let Latona Law help.