Like any other human endeavor, medicine is not perfect. Treatments may fail, and the results may not be what you want. But in some cases, medical mistakes happen, and they aren’t simply due to a treatment not working. Some of these mistakes are caused by medical negligence, or the failure of a healthcare provider to deliver a reasonable level of care. That failure can result in injuries that, depending on the context, can become major lifelong diseases or conditions.

It is always tragic when a doctor’s negligence injures a patient, but it is even more disturbing when that patient is a newborn baby. Birth injuries sometimes cannot be avoided, but sadly, too many doctors make careless mistakes when delivering babies. As a result, those innocent children come into the world with often severe disabilities.

At Latona Law, we view all cases of medical negligence as unacceptable. If you need a birth injury lawyer in Bloomsburg, PA, don’t hesitate to call us for your free consultation. Let’s take a closer look at birth injuries, including what they are, the ways they might be caused, and what to do if your newborn has suffered one due to the negligence of a doctor.

Birth Injuries Overview

Birth injuries occur when newborns sustain injuries simply as a consequence of being born under certain conditions. Perhaps they were too large for the birth canal and so became injured while being delivered. Maybe the baby did not present head first when being born, and an injury occurred while the doctor attempted to deliver it.

Other birth injuries may include the baby sustaining bruising, bone fractures, and broken blood vessels while being delivered. Some birth injuries are more serious than others, but every one of them matters. It is terrible when a patient becomes injured while in someone else’s care, but when that medical provider actively made a mistake, or failed to do something, and the error results in permanent injury, it is maddening, upsetting, and scary all at once. So, how might medical negligence lead to a birth injury?

Medical Negligence and Birth Injuries

We would be living in a perfect world if every child’s birth proceeded according to plan and no complications ever arose. However, every pregnant woman’s body is different, and complications can occur at any time. Doctors who deliver babies must be prepared for anything when the time comes. Some babies need to be born prematurely. Others become distressed in the womb and need to be delivered immediately. In certain cases, a pregnancy may contain such extreme abnormalities that an abortion is the best route, but a doctor failed to notify the parents of this fact. In that case, a wrongful birth might occur.

Any number of pregnancy situations can necessitate the doctor acting fast, and the truth is that some doctors do not rise to the challenge. When a doctor fails to act in accordance with a reasonable level of care, and a birth injury results from it, you might have a medical negligence case on your hands. It simply is not acceptable that your newborn should start off life with an injury of any kind.

At Latona Law, birth injuries and wider instances of medical negligence are the only types of cases we handle. You know when you hire a Latona birth injury lawyer in Bloomsburg, PA, you’re getting legal counsel that draws from more than 30 years of experience fighting for justice for Pennsylvania families just like yours.

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