Accidents occur every day and sometimes there’s nothing you can do to help prevent them. Dealing with the aftermath of a serious accident can be difficult, especially if it leads to bodily harm. For some accidents, such as car accidents or burns, injuries can be so bad that they require amputation to save the person’s life. Needing an amputation for any reason is an extremely difficult thing for a person to have to go through. Unfortunately for many people who have an amputation done, it could have been prevented.

When medical malpractice occurs, it could result in the victim having to get an amputation that could have been avoided. Medical malpractice is heartbreaking whenever it happens, but unnecessary amputations are an especially upsetting situation for someone to go through. Even with the best prosthetics and care, a person’s life may never be able to return to the way it was. This is something no one should have to be put through. At Latona Law, we help victims of amputations get compensation.

When to Get Help for an Amputation

When a person needs to have a limb amputated, they’ve likely gone through a significant amount of trauma. In some cases, limbs might be too damaged to be saveable. If this happens, sometimes amputation is the only thing that can save a person’s life. Amputations, when there are no other options, are still extremely hard for a person can suffer from. Doctors and other medical professionals need to make the choice to amputate, and in cases like this, the choices are justified. While this is still an unfortunate situation to be in, when amputations are unavoidable, it doesn’t require legal action.

Amputations that were caused by medical malpractice happen more frequently than many people might realize. This is partly because amputations are such extreme procedures that it seems like something medical professionals would always want to avoid doing. Patients might come to medical professionals for help treating a preexisting condition and not get the proper treatment. This is medical malpractice if the care they received was below the standard of care for that situation, or the level of care that any other competent medical professional would have given. Whereas after a car accident, there might be no chance of saving a limb, amputation can be prevented is a patient gets the right care for multiple different conditions. Failure to monitor or treat conditions like blood clots and diabetes could result in the limb needing to be amputated. Had a similar medical professional treated them appropriately, this could have been avoided.

Compensation for an amputation injury

Even when amputations are necessary, life afterwards will be challenging. Amputations that could have been prevented are even more difficult to recover. Victims of these amputations have to live knowing that their lives have been forever altered because of some else’s careless actions. Any major surgery takes its toll on the body, but amputations, in particular, are difficult to physically recover from. Depending on the severity of the amputation, a person’s life might never be able to get to the point it once was. All amputations come with a learning curve to adjust back into life, in addition to the physical and emotional pain and ensue.

Of course, physical and emotional pain aren’t the only struggles that can come from an amputation. Like with any major medical procedure, the financial burden it causes is overwhelming. An amputation can cost tens of thousands of dollars. While the initial procedure alone is enough to cause financial ruin for most people, that isn’t the only medical bill victims have. Throughout a person’s recovery, they’ll need follow-up procedures and appointments that will be additional thousands in medical bills. Prosthetics and living assistance can also be needed. On top of all of this, many victims aren’t able to return to work or have to settle for lower-paying jobs after their amputation.

Taking legal action against the medical professionals involved can help you get financial compensation for these damages. Although it won’t change what’s already been done, compensation can help ensure you the care you need. This can cover your medical care, the pain you’ve been through, and the means to provide for yourself again.

Amputation Lawyers in Scranton

If you suspect that you or a loved one had an amputation that should have been prevented, it’s important to speak to a lawyer quickly. At Latona Law, our lawyers specialize in cases that involve medical negligence. Our resources, experience, and knowledge are what you need to help win your case. We can help you take on medical professionals and their legal teams to help you get the justice you deserve.

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