A patient will always have obstacles to overcome while recovering from any medical procedure, regardless of the type. Perhaps the most challenging surgery to recover from is an amputation. Even the amputation of a finger can affect a person’s day-to-day life.
Usually, amputations occur after a patient has suffered from significant trauma to that limb or another appendage. There are times when amputation is necessary to save a person’s life. However, there are some cases in which a medical professional acts negligently and performs an unnecessary amputation.

Amputations can be traumatic, and no one should have to experience an amputation that could have been prevented with proper care. We want to hear from you here at Latona Law if this has happened to you. Hire an experienced amputation lawyer in Hazleton, PA to represent and fight for you.

When Amputations Are Caused by Neglect

There are times when an amputation might be needed, such as when a person suffers severe burns, or their body experiences trauma from a car accident. Perhaps the person’s limb becomes so severely damaged due to the injury that keeping it could risk their life. Other medical procedures could result in an amputation, as well, such as removing a tumor. These instances of amputation are often necessary, and there is nothing more the medical professional could have done to prevent it.

However, some people suffer from unnecessary amputations. Many of the amputations that occur every year in the United States are ones that could have been prevented had the patient received the appropriate level of care from his or her surgeon.

Medical negligence can result in a patient’s condition worsening to the point where amputation is the only option. Every patient is entitled to receive a standard level of care that any other medical professional would have given in the same situation. If that level of care is not met, whether due to mistreating an existing condition or failing to monitor a patient, it is considered medical negligence.

Compensation for Unnecessary Amputations

An amputation can affect a person’s quality of life. Not only do amputations involve multiple levels of physical pain, but they can damage a person’s mental health, as well. Victims must relearn basic daily tasks as they adjust to the changes in their bodies, and they may even struggle with body image after the limb has been removed. Realizing that your amputation could have been prevented can be even more mentally damaging.

Besides the emotional pain from a wrongful amputation, the medical bills can be extensive and costly, as well. The amputation alone can cost thousands of dollars, and then there are follow-up procedures and appointments afterward. Some patients may even need physical or mental therapy after their surgery to cope with the dramatic changes to their lifestyle. Victims may also have to deal with lost wages from their job.

From an amputation victim’s perspective, knowing that pain and suffering were due to a medical professional’s neglect can be unbearable. By receiving financial compensation for negligent amputations, victims can rest assured that they will be able to provide for themselves and their loved ones in these trying times.

Get Justice with Latona Law

All medical negligence cases are complicated, and those involving amputations can be especially difficult. At Latona Law, we can help you get justice for the damage done to you and your body. Our team of medical malpractice lawyers in Hazleton specializes in medical negligence cases and will provide you with all the attention your case deserves. If you or a loved one has experienced a wrongful amputation, turn to Latona Law. Contact our experts today for a free consultation on your medical negligence case.