Every major surgery comes with obstacles as a person recovers from it. In many cases, a person might have to make significant changes to their lifestyle to recover from it. While any major surgery is going to have its difficulties, one of the hardest types of surgeries to undergo is one that involves an amputation. No matter what a person has amputated, they’re going to have significant physical and emotional challenges after the procedure. What can make having to go through an amputation even harder is knowing that the procedure could have been prevented. Unfortunately, not every amputation is necessary, and some are caused by medical negligence.

Preventable amputations cause a person to have to go through unnecessary amounts of trauma. Finding out that an amputation could have been avoided can be unbearable. At Latona Law, we help victims of wrongful amputations in Bethlehem receive compensation. We believe that no one should have to suffer from medical negligence and will fight for you and your loved ones.

When to Get Help for an Amputation

While amputations are always heartbreaking, some can’t be prevented. Many traumatic situations can occur that cause a person to need a limb or other body part removed. A serious car accident or severe burns could require a person to be amputated on. Amputations in times like this are still difficult, but medical professionals involved have no other choice but to amputate. When a body part is so severely injured, it could risk a person’s life to keep it. Although these amputations are still difficult to overcome, there was nothing else that could have been done. It might not be the outcome that anyone hopes for, but amputations in times like these are needed to save a person’s life.

Some amputations might be needed to properly care for a person, but they’re frequently done when medical professionals act negligently. When this happens, medical professionals have given such poor treatment to their patients that it’s become a risk for them to keep a certain body part. Had they given their patients the standard level of care, an amputation could have been prevented. This could happen if someone has an infection that medical professionals neglect to treat until it worsens to the point of needing to be amputated. A patient could also have a blood clot that medical professionals fail to treat which can cause an amputation to be necessary.

Compensation for an Amputation Injury

Amputations are one of the most severe operations a person can go through. The physical pain that comes with having a body part removed can be excruciating. Even after the wound heals, having a body part removed will be difficult to fully adjust to and will require a person to make changes to their daily routine to accommodate it. Although every surgery comes with some level of physical pain, the effects of an amputation don’t stop there. Having a body part removed can also cause serious emotional challenges while a person adjusts to the changes made to their body. All of this suffering could have been avoided if medical professionals had acted with better care.

Not only will victims of amputations suffer from physical and emotional damages, but they will also have to deal with the financial ramifications that come with amputation. The initial amputation on its own can cost victims tens of thousands of dollars. After that, most people will also need follow-up procedures as well as many additional appointments. On top of these medical costs, victims will also have to pay for physical therapy and will also likely have emotional therapy to cope with these changes. Depending on the severity of the amputation, victims might need to have assistance or make changes to their homes to accommodate them.

If you or a loved one has been wrongfully amputated on, you deserve to be compensated for these damages. Damages that you can be compensated for are not only those that affect you financially, but physical and emotional ones as well. While being compensated might not change the situation, it can make it easier. To cover the costs that the amputation has caused and anything else it’s brought on, compensation can help.

Amputation Lawyers in Bethlehem

Everyone deserves to receive proper care from the medical professionals who treat them and should never have to worry that they might cause additional harm. To get justice against medical professionals who act negligently and cause harm to their patients, you need to work with lawyers who specialize in cases like this. Latona Law has the experience, resources, and knowledge that it takes to win cases.

We understand that this is a difficult time for victims and their loved ones. This is why Latona Law offers a free consultation for victims in Bethlehem. Contact us today to learn more.